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Community Management in
Daytona Beach, FL

Lifestyle Management at it’s Finest!

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Please save the date!

Our most popular event, the HOA/COA Board Member Certification & Conference is happening on Wednesday, March 13, 2024, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. In its fourth year, we have outgrown the Cici and Hyatt Brown Museum of Art but are thrilled to continue our partnership with the Museum of Arts & Sciences as the 2024 Conference will be held at the Museum’s main campus. In addition to having more space for attendees, exhibitors and educational presentations, the Museum will also be hosting a traveling megalodon exhibit that will be accessible during the Conference.


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As an award-winning community management group, the Southern States team understands the challenges and opportunities of day-to-day operations. Meanwhile, we develop forecasts that provide the best offerings for our HOA/COA Associations.


What Sets Southern States Management Group Apart From the Rest?

We Actually Know Your Name

We provide everyone with a wide range of communication from push notifications to print newsletters. In an ever-changing communications landscape, we're efficient. We ensure that our HOA/COA associations have the necessary tools for seamless operations.

We're Family Oriented Professionals

SSMG has been able to demonstrate 30+ years of community management success because we respect what “family” means! Several of our current leadership team members have fond memories of working as small children - stuffing envelopes, and changing light bulbs for many clients we still represent today. Others that work for SSMG, came to us through family and friends, dating back to our President’s days in college. 

Our Systems and Processes

One size doesn’t fit all! Southern States Management Group understands that each association's needs are unique and change throughout the years. With our experience, you have the ability to start small and grow with your community.

Southern States Management Group has always been an early adopter of state-of-the-art technology. We always strive to provide internal and external efficiencies.

Hear From Area Leaders & Clients

I would like to take a minute to appreciate all the hard work SSMG has done for the Opus Condominium. The building was in a mess when SSMG was hired and Mark has worked hard with the board to get the building back on track. Since then we have hired new maintenance and front desk, updated and fixed a lot of items that have been tabling by prior managers and boards. They manage to keep meetings on track and deal with vendors daily getting multiple bids for a great selection. I appreciate all their hard work and time they have committed thank you.

Crystal Anderson
Opus Condominium Treasure

Why Hire The Management Experts at Southern States Management Group?


We check all the boxes while thinking outside them!

More About All Over Southern States Management Group and Our Community Management Approach

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Southern States Management Group (SSMG) is a family-owned business dating back over three decades. And we predict many more years to come! With the focus always being on “family first”, our group understands what it really means to be a community.

We take great pride in our family-centric environment.  And because of this, we currently represent 150+ independently operating master and sub-associations representing over 16,000 assessment paying units.  These associations include single-family homes, oceanfront luxury condominiums, fee-simple townhomes, carriage homes, patio, courtyard, and villa homes as well as numerous mixed-use and commercial units.

SSMG has been able to demonstrate 30+ years of community management success because we respect what “family” means! Part of our current leadership team has fond memories of working as small children, stuffing envelopes, and changing light bulbs, for many clients that we still represent today. Others that work for SSMG, came to us via family and friends dating back to our President’s days in college. 

Our strategic hiring practices and approaches have been the key to our success. We've collectively assembled seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds in economics, accounting, consulting, information technology, public service, realty, public relations, and recruiting. We've focused on “family first”, which supports retention and a strong, cohesive team that's expanding. With a combination of reliability, collaborative spirits, unique skill sets, and trust, the management of a community and the understanding of their needs come naturally.

Additionally, by exposing each professional to the full spectrum of management responsibilities and environments, SSMG is proud of our well-rounded, extended family.  We have the capabilities and experience to address challenges in an effective and efficient manner. Routine dialogue among professionals about the current state of affairs of their respective clients also assures that knowledgeable backup support is readily available. We also ensure that our support is available at a moment’s notice. Knowing that we believe in “family first” creates an experience for both employees and clients that demonstrates our unique abilities.

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