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Southern States Management Group Provides Consulting for Community Associations of All Sizes

We are proud to provide consulting services that advance the knowledge of Community Association Board of Directors and the Association’s Members. Providing community leaders with thoughtful insight into the topical challenges that they face throughout the year has proven to be beneficial for the current and future state of the Association through forecasting and deeper

Our Leadership Team consults with your Board of Directors or members to review various topics including:

Securing/Salvaging a Broken Community

Construction Contracts: What to be aware of before signing on the dotted line

Board Member Development & Conflict Resolution

Best Practices for Self-Managed Communities

How to Address and Act Upon Common Area Improvements

Board Elections, Compliance & Procedures

How to Prepare for Major Renovation Projects


To learn more about Southern States Management Group’s consulting services,

please email our Education & Outreach Coordinator.

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