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SSMG has three decades in experience in the commercial property management industry.

Our commercial association management services are specifically designed for properties such as business parks, retail complexes, medical offices, industrial parks, and mixed-use developments.

Full-Service Commercial Association Management

We understand that community association management is completely different from commercial property management. We’ve taken what we do best and built on that developing a specialized approach that addresses the specific needs of commercial properties.

At Southern States Management Group, our focus is to maintain the curb appeal of your commercial property/investment so that it creates an attractive and hospitable environment for customers. We also ensure that facilities are well-maintained and fully-functioning for the safety of both owners and visitors.

Our commercial division is passionate about delivering the very best management services to ensure the continued success of your commercial property.

SSMG offers a wide range of commercial association management services. Services you can expect when working with Southern States Management Group:

  • Decades of experience working with commercial investments.

  • Financial Management​.

  • Board Cultivation & Meeting Coordination ​

  • Consulting Services

  • Administrative Assistance​

  • Maintenance & Capital Improvements


We check all the boxes while thinking outside them!

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