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Communication is paramount, and we believe strongly in overcommunicating at Southern States Management Group. We do our best to create an old hands-on deck approach to onboarding as this process requires support from the Board of Directors, the previous management company and accounting team and the residents.

We begin our process by setting up bank accounts for the Association. While that’s being done we are working on compiling Association correspondence to communicate with all owners to introduce Southern States Management Group as the new community association management firm.


Our accounting and management team captures resident information and provides detailed resources on where and how to pay, contact information for our 24/7 company and introduces the new leadership team assigned to the community.


Our accounting team will set up accounting related information such as opening entries o the balance statement and addresses any delinquencies or pre-paid assessments so that are starting exactly where the Association left toff before choosing Southern States Management Group.


Our Licensed Community Association Manages reviews documents, contracts, learn insurance policies, gain an understanding og the Association’s business while communicating with the Vendors.


The team at Southern States Management Group meets with the Board of Directors to understand the vendor relationships and works to identify any areas of opportunity or improvement that can be created. We work in detail to ensure the vendors are validating their scope of work.


The Licensed Community Association Manager meets with the Board of Directors to understand and develop priority items and desires of the Association while forecasting for long-term needs.

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