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Did You Know?

You can log into your Southern States Management Group homeowner account anytime. This website will allow you to access your account balance and payment history, the ability to pay online, and access to homeowner information such as governing documents, adopted meeting minutes, and much more. You can also find helpful forms such as ARC Applications, to print from home.

Southern States Management Group Homeowner Account Login/Registration Directions

Your 1st time on the website/to register:

  1. Log onto

  2. 2. Click ‘owner portal’ box.

  3. 3. Click ‘password’.

  4. Your 5-digit account number is on your coupon books you received from Southern States. Enter your 5-digit account number and the email address associated with your account, and click send. You should get a popup that a temporary password has been emailed to you at that email address, as verification that you are the homeowner. If you receive an error message instead, either your email is not registered or you entered the incorrect 5-digit account number. Contact Harley Cooper, your Community Association Manager, if this happens or if you do not know your account number. That email is

  5. Once you have the temporary password, log back into the ‘owner portal’ box.

  6. Click ‘login’.

  7. Enter your 5-digit account number and the temporary password that was emailed to you.

  8. Once in the account, change your password to something permanent that you can remember. If you fail to do this, you will need to do the entire process over every time you login.

If you wish to pay your bill online (You must be registered first):

10. Click ‘Pay Online’.

11. Register your pay method, then pay. Note: There is a fee to pay online (percentage based). The online payment center is a third-party vendor and charges for the service (much like a third-party ATM). Southern States Management Group does not charge an additional fee for the service.

Thanks so much to our amazing CAM, Harley Cooper, for creating this user-friendly memo for residents!

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