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Streets Lined with Oak Trees – Creating the Community Lifestyle You Work So Hard For…

Grand Haven is one of the communities managed by Southern States Management Group (SSMG). It is the largest community in our portfolio with 1901 home sites within 26 unique villages. These gorgeous neighborhoods are managed by our 11 year Community Association Manager, Troy Railsback and his Grand Haven Team which consists of Thomas Leach and Michele Logan. Neighborhoods are lined with beautiful manicured Oak trees that give off a breathtaking canopy affect, lake banks are manicured, the grounds are gorgeous and there are so many amenities for residents to take advantage of! SSMG is known for maintaining a lifestyle community where residents are proud to drive through and showcase to friends when visiting. To maintain this prestigious appearance is a daily operation that the team at SSMG takes seriously! “Keeping Grand Haven Grand” is the mission,” says Railsback.


Some of the areas in which our experience and attention to detail come into play at Grand Haven are keeping efficiencies intact and creating benchmarks and standards for residents that continue to be observed and managed daily. Troy Railsback has been the Community Association Manager for 11 years; Thomas Leach began with SSMG in 2011 and officially joined the Grand Haven Team in 2015. He has also received his CAM license two years ago. Michele Logan celebrated her five year anniversary with us this past March and has a dual role as the Architectural Design Committee Secretary and the Executive Administrator for the “Grand Haven Team”. Both Thomas and Michele are integral assets to supporting the needs of nearly 2,000 homes and the residents.

MANAGEMENT With Troy being part of the community for over a decade, he has a keen ability to notice the smallest of errors; it is uncanny! He operates with efficiency and has been able to adapt using technology throughout the years, giving more time and attention to the ever-growing needs of Grand Haven’s lifestyle. For example, when looking for new vendors, he invites all interested parties at one time along with key leaders of the board and hosts a walkthrough all at once to truly be able to provide the board with quotes that are not “oranges to apples” but exactly what they need to make an educated decision. This cuts down on the board volunteer time and creates an immediate direction for the vendor to understand they, too, are part of “Keeping Grand Haven Grand”!

MAINTAINING THE PRISTINE APPEARANCE Taking a drive through one or more of the 26 unique villages is done daily by the Grand Haven Team to ensure the community lifestyle is being managed properly. Things that may go overlooked in other neighborhoods do not go overlooked when SSMG is at your service! – Keeping the grounds up to standards – Preserving as many trees as possible – Ensuring the lake banks are uniform and weeds are removed – Coaching community members on how to help their oak trees grow by thinning them out properly to maintain the gorgeous canopy affect on so many roads throughout

Southern States Management Group manages the ever-changing aspects of a growing community!

Some may not be aware that there is a public golf course in Grand Haven. Come visit and see how Southern States Management Group is helping to keep “Grand Haven Grand”!

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