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Many of our communities have feral cat colonies that volunteers have to deal with on a regular basis. What does deal with mean? Health issues? Waste issues? It becomes challenging to educate community members and enforce applicable rules and restrictions What is the alternative? Let them starve to death? But, Board Members, take note, you may want to discuss this as a Judge recently sided with a local Association.

One of our existing Volusia County clients was forced to file suit against a non-compliant owner who refused to abide by community rules. A virtual court proceeding was held via Zoom and the Judge sided in favor of our client. The community was awarded full reimbursement of their legal fees at the expense of the offending owner. Additionally, the owner was warned by the judge that ignoring the judgment and the continuation of this noncompliant behavior could land her in jail for contempt of court.

If your community is facing a similar situation with an owner who refusing to adhere to applicable covenants and restrictions, you may want to contact one of our Licensed Community Association Managers, Harley Cooper for more information at386-446-6333.

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