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Generating Community Engagement: Member Case Study

Recently, our Vice-President, Jeff Annon had the pleasure of supporting a

case study focused on generating community engagement written by Innovia

Co-op. Innovia Co-op is an organization whose sole focus is to help

privately-owned community management companies best position themselves for

future growth and success. Southern States Management Group has been a proud

member for a few years now.

Jeffrey Annon, V ice President of Southern States Management Group, noted, "Focusing on community engagement has been a successful initiative for us. Our aim has been to develop programs and events that not only bring a community together to understand and appreciate

each other more, but we also want to deliver something that provides exceptional value for their investment."

He added, "Beyond amenities and good fiscal management, it's important to

show community members that they're getting a return on investment in other

ways. One of the best ways we have done that is through

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