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Thanks so much to Family Life Center for their recent quote from our Foundation’s recent donation. Also, watch the video they made from the Golf Classic.

“The Family Life Center cannot begin to properly express our gratitude for your generous donation and the opportunity to partner to end domestic violence and sexual assault within our community. Too often families are torn apart by these insidious crimes which can cause extensive trauma to the victims and their children. The Southern Management Group, through donations and care, will help survivors receive the emotional, psychological and tangible support necessary to begin their healing journey. The hundreds of adult and child victims we serve each year will directly benefit from your bold (and much appreciated) choice to stand up against domestic violence and rape; to say “No More”. This contribution underscores the values espoused by Southern Management Group of building long term relationships and supporting our community. Thank you for your commitment to expose your team members to various environments and helping spread awareness while building up the capacity of your team to effectively and efficiently support victims. From our family to yours, we appreciate you,” exclaimed Via Trish Giaccone, CEO of Family Life Center.

<< Watch the Golf Classic Video >>

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