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At Southern States Management Group we believe strongly in gaining feedback from our communities, having high communications internally and externally and strive to work hand in hand with our hundreds of professional vendors and associates. We also want our team to be the most educated, experienced managers around and focus on continuing education.

We have a lot of great things happening at Southern States right now and we want to share the good news with you. Sign up for our private newsletter today by emailing Diane to hear about all on a monthly basis.

BOARD CERTIFICATION Some of the exciting things that we are proud of is that together with community partners we held a sold out board member certification in May with 130+ attendees from homeowner and condominium associations.

BOARD MEMBER SURVEY We also recently sent a survey out to nearly 300 board members asking them for their feedback on their communities, our team and ways to improve both. We received wonderful responses and are making adjustments accordingly.

WE BELIEVE IN BOARD EDUCATION We have partnered with some amazing companies locally and are rolling out our first ever Seasonal Board Education Forum where the focus of this expo style event is to bring local board members together quarterly to discuss hot topics, meet experienced vendor professionals and to provide educational networking opportunities.

To kick-off, our theme will be “In the Event of a Disaster – Be Prepared!” – Discuss ways to secure your communities & maintain business continuity – Hear how to communicate to your communities & maintain strong dialogue with your neighbors – Hear how to facilitate & begin an insurance claim to be ahead before you get behind – Learn how to better understand how claims are handled from a legal perspective – Prepare your pool for any event that may cause a closure – And much more…

With nearly three decades in the community management business we know that we must stay current with the times and are proud of the direction we have come from, where we are now and where we are going!

Thank you to all our friends for their continued business and support of Southern States Management Group!

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