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Southern States Management Group (SSMG) is a family-owned business dating back three decades with a forecast of many more to come. With the focus always being on “family first” our group understands what it means to be a “community”! We take great pride in our family centric environment and because of this we currently represent 150+ independently operating master and sub-associations representing over 16,000 assessment paying units. These associations include single family homes, oceanfront luxury condominiums, fee-simple town homes, carriage homes, patio, courtyard, and villa homes as well as numerous mixed-use and commercial units.

SSMG has been able to demonstrate 30 years of community management success because we respect what “family” means! Part of our current leadership team has fond memories of working as small children, stuffing envelopes and changing light bulbs, for many clients that we still represent today. Others that work for SSMG came to us by way of family friends dating back to our President’s days in college. His roommate’s son works as a Community Manager and has been with us over thirteen years and has recently begun a family of his own.

Because of our strategic hiring practices and approach we have been successful in assembling seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds in economics, accounting, consulting, information technology, public service, realty, public relations and recruiting. We have focused on “family first” which also supports retention and a strong, cohesive expanding team. When there is reliability, collaborative spirits, unique skill sets and trust, the management of a community and the understanding of their needs comes naturally.

Additional, by exposing each professional to the full spectrum of management responsibilities and environments, SSMG is proud of our well rounded, extended family that have the capabilities and experience to address challenges in an effective and efficient manner. Routine dialogue among professionals relative to the current state of affairs of their respective clients also assures that knowledgeable back-up support is readily available on a single moment’s notice. Knowing that we believe in “family first” creates an experience for our employees and clients that demonstrate our unique abilities. Founded in 1989, Southern States Management Group (SSMG) has emerged as the regional leader in community, lifestyle and asset management specializing in residential and commercial associations. Our impressive reputation has been built through the tireless pursuit of providing clients with responsive, high-quality, and value adding services for three decades.

Recognizing that each client has varying wants and needs isn’t necessarily a new premise among professional service companies. SSMG demonstrates the willingness and eagerness to look beyond the first layer to see what lies beneath the surface! What does this mean? As we become part of the team; more than a vendor but a dedicated partner, we explore the complexities of a community association. We are constantly asking the questions; are we where we want to be, if not where do we want to be and how do we get there? While asking those questions, we remain acutely aware that ultimately it’s each individual property owner that we are advocating on behalf of. We understand that together we will create shared success and are enthusiastic about overcoming any challenges necessary to meet the needs of the community. After 30 years of dedicated service and thoughtful growth, we look forward to sharing with prospective clients our powerful demonstration of value. We are a family business that takes pride in having served the greater Volusia and Flagler county area for decades. We value local relationships and have proven success with long-standing vendors. With this familiarity, we are able to ensure that we pair your community needs with those of the most appropriate team partner, given consideration for sensitivity to price, timeliness, and skill set. With professionals stationed throughout both Volusia and Flagler counties, we have strategically chosen two locations to serve our community partners. Each office is fully equipped to accommodate the entire spectrum of management services and include the latest of communication technologies, ample meeting space, integrated phone systems and more.

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