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We are preparing for our 2nd Annual HOA/COA Certification & Conference! To learn more about being an exhibitor or attendee, please contact our Education Coordinator.


2nd Annual HOA/COA Certification & Conference

Wednesday, April 29, 2020 from 9am – 5pm

Cici & Hyatt Brown Museum of Art

352 S Nova Rd, Daytona Beach

This conference is designed to equip new and seasoned board members with the tools needed for a successful year serving on the board. Gain your HOA/COA Board Certification, learn from industry experts and visit with exhibitors who have been specifically selected to attend. The morning sessions will provide board members with HOA or COA Certification.

Breakout Session Topics:

* Schedule Subject To Change

Clean Up Your Financials

Having a smart collections process is key to keeping your accounts receivable in check. Learn best practices on how to set up a collections plan that will create fewer headaches and support your Association’s bottom line. Learn about dealing with non-payments up to and including foreclosures.

Exterior Considerations

Your building and common areas constantly need special considerations in maintaining structural integrity. From areas you can see and those you cannot, learn ways to protect your community’s investments.

Financial Planning For Your Association’s Present & Future

Board Members have a responsibility to manage their communities. You have been voted to oversee all aspects of your Association including planning for the future. Hear thoughtful considerations for positioning finances to be able to make upgrades or prepare for unforeseen financial heartaches.

Moving Your Community Into The 21st Century

There are many options when considering enhancements and renovations that are needed in your Association. Hear from local experts on options for state-of-the-art security & beautification options.

Hire The Right People For The Job

Your Association is a business and hiring the right people to manage your community is key for continuity, compliance and proper neighborhood care. Learn best processes and procedures in hiring employees and vendors, how to keep them and ways to develop a succession plan. (Bid process, warranty overview and how to write a RFP)

Exploring Elections

Does your HOA & COA Association understand the election’s process? Who is eligible? What requirements need to be noticed, how many board members can serve, etc? Also, learn about alternative voting options (electronic voting).

SIGN UP TODAY! Two Board Members per Association, please.

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