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One of Southern States Management Group’s (SSMG) Community Association Managers (CAM) was finishing out a long week of running around Volusia and Flagler County catering to his Associations and Board Members. The clock’s arms were nearly at the exact position to close up shop and head home to spend time with his family for the weekend. The cell phone rings loudly. As he hangs up, he gathers his items and heads to one of SSMG’s commercial communities. He calls his wife and says he will be later than expected.

At the same time, across town, a woman was driving to get her nails done. Maybe she had a party that night and wanted to coordinate with her outfit? Possibly a weekly treat she gives herself? She had driven into this parking lot time after time. This particular Friday though, she parked different than usual. She actually didn’t park at all. Her car drove right into and through the nail salon. Fortunately, no one was injured. The building, however, wasn’t so lucky.

The CAM went to meet the police and help assess the damage. The aftermath of an accident like this requires time, resources and expediency. This CAM has been with SSMG for over 16 years so he has seen his fair share of nightmare situations. This one could have been way worse. Actions that probably get overlooked like matching brick color to ensure the building aesthetics are maintained, hiring the right professional partner to get the job done and fast and doing it with a positive attitude are the characteristics of a great Community Association Manager who has a team of support behind them.

At Southern States Management Group, we are continually proud of our CAM’s and all employees and appreciate their diligence, attention to detail and commitment to their boards and communities.

If you are a board member looking to hire a management firm, ask the employees how they feel about their job. We recommend you find out what kind of atmosphere their employer is creating to make this, at times challenging job, endurable. Does the management company provide continuing educating for their staff and their board members? Is the company family-oriented in this very demanding industry?

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