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Our “WE FOUND COMMUNITY” INTERACTIVE SERIES continued on October 27 with the topic of the night, “Build Your Bench & Understand How to Run Effective Elections”.

We discussed: Building Your Bench

  • How to identify potential board members & how to approach

  • Town Hall / Informative meetings prior to notices being sent out

Reference Your Documents

  • Board Members need to be familiar with the election process to educate others

  • Southern States Management Group’s role in elections & tips for self-managed communities

Wright & Casey, P.A. discussed:

  • Annual Meetings via Zoom and the Election Process

  • Proper meeting notice

  • Voting

  • Candidate qualifications

  • Mid-term vacancies

  • Recall

  • Frequently Asked Questions, such as:

  • Do we need our lawyer present during our election?

  • What if we have more seats than candidates?

  • The candidate missed the deadline to submit info – what do we do?

  • Socially distanced/virtual meetings

  • What the future holds

If you missed this presentation, you may view the recording on our YouTube channel.

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