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The Mallard Cove located in Pelican Bay

The Mallard Cove Beautification Award is a new project by the Board of Directors that kicked off in August 2018. This award will travel to a new location quarterly. The first winner, nominated by homeowners and chosen by the Board, was 221 Mallard Lane. They did an excellent job replicating the aesthetics of the original Mallard Cove sign, too!

Southern States Management Group’s Community Manager and Licensed Real Estate Agent, Harley Cooper recently shared some positive news about a few of the communities that he manages. Thank you, Harley!

The Villas located in Pelican Bay

Recently, The Villas replaced their sign on Pelican Bay Drive, adding a colored border to make it pop.

Palma del Sol

Palma del Sol gave their sign on Pelican Bay Drive a fresh coat of paint and sealant, which looks brand new again.

St. Andrews

St. Andrews replaced two signs, their small sign on Brown Pelican (exiting The Towns, near 388 Brown Pelican), and their sign on Pelican Bay Drive. They changed their lettering color as well, to give it a fresh look.

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