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SSMG’s experience with community communications has been thoughtfully refined over three decades. Some of our clients choose to upgrade their scope of service with the following desirable options.

SSMG believes strongly that effective communication is an important component to a successful community association whether a condominium of 60 units or a master plan community of 2,000 homes. With this in mind, SSMG has added seasoned public relations processionals to our team and developed a compliment of proactive options that monitor unique analytics and impressions on all platforms.

NEWSLETTERS Whether you’re advertising a community garage sale or you’re distributing suggestions for seasonal property care, newsletters can be tailored to the need of each community. We understand the benefits that occur when people are “in the know”. Now it’s easier than ever to keep in touch with your residents to develop open lines of communication. Newsletters are a great way to streamline happenings and create synergy within communities. SSMG recommends that all communities send regular newsletters and we’ve now made it easier than ever to stay in touch with your neighbors!

SURVEYS Whether it’s quarterly or annually, SSMG will create, disseminate and analyze surreys to residents in your community. This is a tool that we use on our own clients to be able to clearly identify areas of support and topics that need addressed. If your community isn’t sending out a survey, at the minimum annually, please consider choosing SSMG to handle this important aspect for you.

SURVEY SUGGESTIONS In order to better understand your community and its unique needs, we can craft surveys to members about a variety of topics. Here are some examples:

– changes in color palettes and furnishings in social room’s

– amenity utilization rates

– understanding demographic profile of the community

SSMG will help interpret the data and formulate a plan to leverage the results of the analyses in order to accomplish the goals and objectives of the community.

WEBSITES & SOCIAL PLATFORMS Websites and social media are a powerful tool and informational source for existing resident or prospective buyers. These platforms can quickly distribute bulletins, newsletters, etc. SSMG can help in creating a well thought-out outreach tool for your community. Things that we recommend highlighting online (but not limited to):

Community specific documents, Policies and procedures, Contact information, Rules & Regulations, Architectural Control, Online payment options, FAQ’s, etc.

There are many ways that neighbors communicate online. Having a third party monitor and report to the board on topics being discussed is important. Let SSMG handle this time-consuming aspect of your community.

Please contact Diane via email at or 386-446-6333 for more details.

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