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Southern States is thankful to the various vendors that have serviced our managed communities over the years. We have a fiduciary responsibility to properly screen all vendors prior to authorizing service requests and bidding out contracts. In order to fulfill this responsibility, we have signed up with a 3rd party vendor compliance firm. The registration process is streamlined and easy, taking less than 15 minutes and comes with a nominal annual fee.

Southern States Management Group has recently established the VIVE Vendor Program. The purpose of this program is to create a pool of high-quality, licensed vendors that can provide superior solutions for the communities we manage. Vendors who apply to the program are carefully vetted via our third-party compliance provider, VIVE. 


As a member of the VIVE Vendor Program, you’re entitled to numerous benefits, such as the ability to:


  • Market yourself to communities in need of your products and services

  • Gain access to our exclusive Vendors’ Savings Program

  • Assure community members that you’re a qualified vendor

  • Network with the board of directors and residents of surrounding communities

  • Broaden the exposure of your products and services within communities


Additionally, VIBE Vendor Program members have priority access to board members. Southern States Management Group only seeks work and provides the board of directors with RFP bids for vendors who are members of the VIBE Vendor Program. 


At Southern States Management Group, we manage over $50 million via relationships we’ve fostered with providers. So register now to gain preferential access to bids and work. Membership for our VIVE Vendor Program is $95 per year and you can easily sign up online.



Thanks for submitting!


Why use a third party to screen and verify your vendors?

Vendor compliance management is a laborious and risk-laden task. SSMG does not have adequately trained staff to administer this important function. VIVE removes this substantial task, allowing management to focus on the day-to-day operations and management of properties. VIVE implements compliance best practices, providing efficient and objective review and screening of vendors. VIVE ensures that vendors hired to service communities are verified as compliant, ensuring vendors are screened for proper licensing and adequate and current insurance.

What is the VIVE approval process?

To receive VIVE approval, vendors must meet the minimum insurance and licensing requirements. VIVE’s system is quick and easy. A dedicated customer service staff is available to assist vendors any time through phone or online chat.


Step 1–Registration: Vendors complete a simple online registration process that  includes confirming their company and business ownership information, submitting a W-9, signing a vendor agreement, providing insurance agent contact information, licensing, and any other necessary information. Once all information is submitted, the vendor is prompted to pay an annual vender verification fee. Once all information is submitted, VIVE begins a full review process.


Step 2–Verification Results: VIVE fully reviews all information submitted by both the vendor and their insurance agent. VIVE believes in full transparency and assists every vendor in understanding the requirements to become VIVE approved. Any items that  do not meet the minimum requirements will be quickly communicated to the vendor, along with information regarding how to remedy any failure points. Vendors are given a reasonable amount of time to address deficiencies. VIVE continues to communicate with the vendor and their insurance agent, when applicable, during this entire process.


Step 3–VIVE Approval: Once a vendor passes the review process, by meeting all established minimum requirements, the vendor becomes VIVE approved. Information regarding a vendor’s status within VIVE is available through our secure portal at



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